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Sleep is my passion and I know how much it matters to you as parents!


There is nothing worse than that feeling of lack of sleep, a sick/hungover feeling, not being able to concentrate and then working out exactly how you can go about your ‘normal’ day with your little ones, feeling like a zombie!

I know exactly how you feel!


My name is Shelley and I am a Child Sleep Consultant and founder of Lullaby Moon. I have been working with children and families for ten years, working with the NHS and Barnardo’s, specialising in my favourite thing, Children's Sleep with the under 5's.


This is something which I feel so passionate about. The process of being able to help support parents to get their lives back on track, to be able to regain their evenings, have a more solid routine for their child during the day and more importantly get the maximum amount of sleep they can during the night, excites me. 

I am a lucky Mummy to four year old identical twin boys who are my absolute world. The energy they bring and those cute little conversations and good times we have creating memories is incredible. However as much as we love these tiny people, they can test us and challenge us, particularly when we are sleep deprived - because they haven't had a good night sleep either. 

As well as a huge amount of love, our children need us to be healthy, feel refreshed, have patience to enable us to help guide and support them through a happy childhood. 


I offer a very friendly, personalised approach, taking in the needs of all of your family to ensure you feel confident in undertaking the sleep work. I like to get to know my families so that I can recognise what strategies would work best, personalising them, to ensure I get your little ones (and you!) on the right track to having a peaceful nights sleep. 

Whether you are trying to implement a sleep routine with your little one, need some support with your baby/child's naps during the day, or they are not settling at bedtime, I have been there and I can support you through this tough time.

Don't forget to claim your FREE 15 minute introductory call today and find out more about how I can help. Just fill in the form on the Contact page, press submit and leave the rest to me! I will then be in touch to arrange a convenient time to discuss your little one's sleep.

Together, let's get your baby sleeping better and you can say goodbye to sleep deprivation!

Look forward to speaking with you soon!

Shelley xx

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