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The feedback from my clients has been fantastic and it has been so enjoyable working with such lovely families who just didn't want to be sleep deprived again!

Testimonials: Testimonials

A massive difference!

R and E, Southeast London

Thank you so much again for all your help Shelley, it really has made a massive difference, we have had an evening and an actual schedule that he follows!!

Rocking to sleep for 40 minutes and only cat napping during the day, we were exhausted!

H and D, Cheltenham

'Our 5 month old would only go to sleep after 40 minutes of rocking and would only cat nap during the day. We were exhausted and had no idea what to do. 

Our daughter now regularly sleeps through the night, self settles and has just started doing a two hour nap in the day! It seemed impossible a few months ago. 

Shelley offered us a gradual and sympathetic approach that meant we didn't have to listen to our baby cry it out, which I really didn't want. 

I loved being able to message Shelley with any questions and she was on hand in the early stages to suggest any tweaks or if were unsure what to do.

My baby seems happier, more chilled out during the day and we go to bed at night without dreading being woken up!'

Thank you Shelley!


No tears, no protesting! I never thought we would be in this position!

E and B, Cambridge

Thank you so much Shelley for all the amazing advice and support you gave us! 

After months of rocking and singing my little girl to sleep (which at 8 months and in the 98th percentile was becoming increasingly difficult) I now have a 9.5 month old who falls asleep with no movement or verbal input. We haven’t yet completed the plan set out by Shelley as we’ve yet to make the final transition to settling in the cot, however, we decided to press pause because I’m loving where we are. I’ve now had 6 weeks of nap time bliss where my gorgeous little girl falls asleep across a pillow on my lap (making the most of sleepy snuggles while I can) and because all I am is a human mattress to her, once in the cot, she’s joining sleep cycles and self settling at night and during naps. I never thought we’d be in this position - I have the best of both worlds and I’m loving every minute. The plan Shelley set out for us was tailored to our parenting style and took into consideration what would work best for our little girl. No tears, no protesting!! 
We’ll pick up where we left off on the plan soon. 

After attempting a very supportive method of sleep training following a book, there really is no comparison to having someone so lovely and trustworthy just a phone call away. Thanks again Shelley. 

Thank you so so much!

From H and D, Cheltenham 

Thank you for helping me sleep better and for supporting Mummy and Daddy!

Amazing advice and support

From A and O, London

Dear Shelley, Thank you so much for your amazing advice and support. We really appreciate the time and care you have given us. You can't put a price on sleep but this is a token to say thank you.

We have our evenings back!

Mr and Mrs P,


Shelley genuinely wants to help sleep deprived parents and the work she does is amazing! She is so friendly in her approach and was always there to speak to us when we needed her in those first five days (we chose the Rainbow Package). We have our evenings back now that our little girl goes to sleep straight away and sleeps through!


We couldn't thank you enough Shelley!

Happy, content baby, thank you!



With Shelley’s help, we have gone from nightly wake up’s every 2-3 hours with a 5.30am start to the day, to a full night’s sleep. Our 11-month-old daughter would only be rocked or fed to sleep – we were exhausted. After talking to Shelley and putting a plan in place, we now have a baby who is sleeping 7pm-7am – amazing! I have even had to wake her up at 8am! 

Using Shelley’s routine and settling techniques, we are now able to place our baby down awake with no tears, and she happily drifts off to sleep. We have a routine in place that works, and we now have a very happy and content baby throughout the day! 
I have always been worried about ‘sleep training’ and the amount of crying that would be involved, but I felt comfortable with Shelley’s approach as it still let me offer comfort to my baby when needed.  
Shelley’s advice was really clear, and she helped us tweak little bits of the plan that we needed to along the way. The support was fantastic, and Shelley was there to answer our questions as and when needed.  

We were amazed at how quickly things changed for us from Shelley’s help, it has made a massive difference to our lives!

Thank you again! 


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